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Hotel booking

Book Hotel

Book hotel by using this web page, where you can reserve or book rooms from the hotel list. Here you can find lot of destinations and available cheap hotels with their details in any country or city. It is very easy.

Select your city or country. Just find a suitable hotel and make advance reservation for your room.

Before to book hotel decide how many days you want to stay there.

How many guests and whether you want full board or B&B only.

Off Peak Tourists can find specially discounted offer in certain hotels.

Airport to Hotel Transport.

colombo airport taxi

Once you had booked your hotel, you can arrange the transport service through the management of the hotel.

Transport to hotel is provided by the hotel administrators, in case the guest requires it.

Provide the following.

  1. Your Name
  2. Flight Number
  3. Expected arrival time and date.

At the Airport arrivals lounge, look out for the arrival signboard holding person, with your name on it.

Options: Airport pickup with A/C or non A/C car, mini coach or Limo.

Airport drop service from hotels, to catch your next flight in time.

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