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Motorbikes and Scooter Rental.

Bike TourMotorbikes and Scooter Rental is provided by us. It can be on daily, weekly or monthly basis.

All our machines are well maintained and are with the legal documents to ride in Sri Lanka.

We are one of the top motorbike rental service providers in Sri Lanka.
Under our hiring service you can get up to 250CC machines with well maintained engines, electrical system and perfect tires.
These scooters and motorbikes are good to explore Off-road and to cruise streets with pillion passenger.

Foreigners are requested to have their own country motorcycle driving license. If you can provide one then, we will assist you to get a temporary local license from the authorities to ride in Sri Lanka.

For scooters and motorbikes,

  1. It is necessary to deposit some cash with us. (Refundable)
  2. Need to provide a copy of your passport.
hire scooter rental

In Sri Lanka you must wear helmets while riding the motorbike or scooters including the pillion passenger.
The scooter or motorcycle must have valid revenue license and thirdparty insurance.

Enjoy the Sri Lanka roads, terrains, hill country, dry lands and the muddy lands with your bike riding.

Rental Rates start from US$ 20/day.

Delivery at airport, hotels, Negombo, Colombo and Kandy cities. (Delivery charges may apply)

We arrange motorbike tours.

These tours are good for people riding in groups. We provide motorcycles, English speaking team leader, mechanic and backup vehicle. It can be either luxury or package tour.
We have thousands of satisfied individual customers, members from motorbike clubs and international riders clubs, who used to come to Sri Lanka.

Ready to rent a motorcycle or scooter?

Send us your request using the form, email or call us.

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