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Tuk Tuk Tour

Tuk Tuk rental is available from us at affordable price. Most of them running in Sri Lanka are imported from India. Some of these three wheels are imported from Italy and other countries. Locally it is known as "Aato" and it is actually auto-rickshaw also known as three wheel. The engine is located in the back of the vehicle and it drives both the rear wheels and the front wheel controls its driving direction. Operating it is just like a motorbike except for the reverse gear it is provided with.

You can drive it at 35 Km/hr with three passengers onboard. Its speed can go up to 50Km/hr which we don't recommend for you. Put on a baggy shorts and a T-shirt and go on your way, which is the popular dress for Sri Lankans. If like go for a "Sarong and T shirt for more comfort.

Tuk Tuk Rental.

We provide any number of Tuk tuk for you to go on self drive. This can be hired on daily rental basis with unlimited mileage. Get your documents, fill your petrol tank and go on the perfect roads honking your horn. They comes with perfect brake system, signal facility, head lights for night riding and side covers for to protect from the rainfall. Ready to explore Sri Lanka with our TUK TUK, just write to now. We will receive you at the Colombo airport and will provide all the necessary papers and a three-whell with the color according to your wish. You need to take care of the Sri Lanka laws while you are here.

Tuk Tuk Tours.

We arrange and provide you an English speaking guide to go on Sri Lanka tour on a TukTuk with your two of your friends or get more vehicles as only three passengers are allowed in it legally. So it is up to you to decide on it. We are the largest TukTuk tour operator and rental service provider in Sri Lanka.

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Don't miss this great tuk tuk driving opportunity that is available while you are in Sri Lanka.

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